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Searching for talent using a decision-based model is no longer effective in the recruitment landscape. Throughout the years, we have always been on the lookout for ways to help organizations stay relevant and continuously find the best Human Capital Solutions that would fit their most sought out goals. We have incorporated our Career Centric and People First approach to our Executive practice to help you find, place and develop exceptional leaders in various industries and provide them with their career development needs.

• Extensive Market Expertise & Industry Talent Pipeline.
• Leader Pipeline & Succession Planning.

Interim Management

As we start to welcome the gig economy or often known as the ‘connected market’, Viventis Interim can provide you with highly competent and effective talent to address short-term company goals and work on special projects that can eventually be implemented in the long-run. In compliance with the DO174 mandate, we place highly skill interim managers and executives who can suit the increasing requirements of businesses and fill key gaps making talent acquisition more agile.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Seeking for the best candidates to fill open positions can become a costly and daunting task. Sometimes you end up being uncertain if you have hired the right person. With Viventis RPO, we can offer talent acquisition solutions that deliver results ensuring we align with your values and achieve pertinent hiring goals. Our comprehensive and flexible recruitment solutions can address the unpredictable talent needs of your organization. We offer a highly-scalable and cost-effective recruitment model that gives you access to our wide and deep network of candidates. Our solution helps you enhance your employer branding and let your talent strategy be closer to your business strategy.

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