To stay ahead, you need a new way to learn.

The smarter way to make people better

Viventis + Degreed have joined forces to build your business.
Discover, develop, track and measure the skills
your organization needs.


Boost Your Productivity

Connect your people to all the resources they use to learn all in one place—millions of courses, videos, articles, books, podcasts and experts from thousands of sources, including your LMS.


Become Proactive
Instead of Reactive

Diagnose skill gaps and build the skills that really matter to your workers and to your CEO. Apply data science and machine learning to personalize development for everyone.


Create Lasting Change

Increase your organization’s relevancy and always be ready for the next big thing. Get actionable insights on everything your workforce is learning, as well as the strong and weak points in their skill sets.

Future-Proof Your Workforce Today

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Igniting meaningful careers through lifelong learning

Learning is integral in sustaining fulfilling careers as it builds the character, attitudes and skills people need to succeed. Because of this, Viventis and Degreed have joined forces to help both individuals and organizations own their expertise and prepare for what’s next.

Through Degreed’s fully integrated e-learning platform, knowledge from all over is gained and optimized into a singular personalized experience- allowing everyone (every, single, one of us) to never stop learning and growing.

About Degreed

By connecting its over three-million users to the necessary resources and data to learn and grow, Degreed makes it possible for people and businesses to become better versions of themselves. Degreed empowers its users to become experts in any skill, manage their career trajectories, and show their skills in a relevant, real-world way. Degreed is headquartered in San Francisco, with additional offices in Salt Lake City, Amsterdam, and New York City.

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About Viventis Indonesia

Continuing its journey from the Philippines, Viventis delivers proven expertise in career management and people development in Indonesia. Consistently servicing our people-first approach, Viventis transforms from the transactional recruitment to a career-centric by adopting the advanced technologies. Marking its 10th year in Indonesia, Viventis pioneering the path in long-life learning and development through partnership with Degreed.

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