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Viventis Team lived up to the importance of collaboration and teamwork. The team has become more fluid as a respond to substantial challenges through the years. We constantly enhance our traditional and modern advices on team formation, leadership, roles and process. Viventis Team has continuously forming solid organization by encouraging innovation, developing networks and executing best practices in Resource and Talent Managements.






Viventis Consultants are true-combination of a Technical and Functional experts in Resource and Talent Managements. They are all experienced, knowledgeable, resourceful and effective communicators. We foster optimism, compassion, discipline, emotional intelligence and diligence as our contributing factor to success, that reflect in our success stories. Every Consultant is committed to deliver best possible solutions and services to cater our client’s need based on their business’ core and goals.





Miranti Kemala

Rika Fadhilah Lubis

Achmad Alaydruz

Ayip Alwi Alhaddad

Larasaty Ashara

Lulut Ayu Puspitasari